Company profile

Mawako Endeavours ltd. was registered and incorporated as a limited liability company in 2012. It is an all-inclusive company with the necessary resources to offer the best in its areas of specialization. The company has strong partnerships that synergies as necessary for a modern economy which requires instant services and responses to client needs and requirements. We have embraced these qualities that enable us to have a cutting edge and reliability within a competitive environment. Kenya is the biggest economy and market in East Africa. In a liberalized economy, Kenya has become increasingly more attractive to investors. The untapped potential in the region requires companies with a strong technical capabilities and know-how, financial and marketing backing resourses.

Mawako Endeavours ltd is in the forefront in this aspect, leading other young companies in the region. The company has experienced steady growth in market share and exhibits tremendous potential for expansion and success. In order to consolidate the market share, it's sensible to bank on Mawako to consolidate the gains in market advantages. With a strong technical, capital base and powerful combination of quality service and flexible marketing strategies with highly qualified strong management, Mawako Endeavours ltd is geared to unprecedented growth in Kenya and in the region at large.

The company is presently lincenced and registered as Civil/Roads Building and water services, contractor by the following ministries »

  1. Ministry of Works (currently ministry of lands, housing and Urban Development)
    • Catergory class D - General Building works and civil Engineering works W.E.F 14th June 2013 - Max contract sum Kshs. 200Million (W.E.F 1st Feb 2013). - Registration/Approval/Linsence No. Q29/02/13-06 of 14/06/2013
    • Category class F - General Building Works - W.E.F 24th May 2013 - Max contract sum Kshs 50million (W.E.F 1st Feb 2013). - Registration/Approval/Linsence No. Q29/02/13-05 of 24/05/2013
  2. Ministry of Roads (currently Ministry of Transport & infrastructure)
    • Category class C & D -paved roads -resealing & recarpetting -gravelling -bridge construction
    • Registration/Certificate No. R/1061/MOR/QMS/RD/CON/CTS/6 of 03/04/2013
    • Max contract sum Kshs. 500Million.
    • a) Catergory class
        - Labour based construction - Routine maintenance - Max contract sum kshs.50 Million

Our Mission

To endeavor in professionalism and continuity that enables us to provide attractive, functional and cost-effective structures for our clients. The company is experienced in general building and civil engineering contractor dedicated to quality construction and efficient management of resources.

Our competitive advantage stems from the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that permeates our company. The care and concern that we have for our employees and subcontractors greatly enhance our ability to deliver quality projects on time and within budget. Above all, we are dedicated to our clients and their projects. In addition we are committed to community service, both as a company and as individuals.

Our Vision

To grow into a large and most efficient service provider and general contractors in the region by offering timely, cost effective, quality and excellent services to our clients.